Professional Macro Plan

Get a customized macro plan from a trained professional that takes into account all of the specific details of your current situation, your goals, and your history with macros and dieting.

What you'll get:

  • A breakdown of the calorie and macro goals you should aim hit to reach your goals
  • My Introduction to Macros Guide
  • Follow up info delivered via email to help understand how to get started with your new macros and how to handle common hurdles that you will face. 

This is not a full meal plan where we tell you exactly what to eat.  This is also not intended to treat or cure any disease.  It is also recommended that you consult your physician before starting any new diet.  

What People Are Saying:

Feeling so accomplished, hit my goal today!! Dan did my numbers in March and I’ve tried to follow them as close as I can. I’m 39 and a mom of 3 and couldn’t lose my last 10 lbs and belly (3 yrs postpartum) despite intense exercise and trying to eat low calorie diets. I’m eating so much more (wayyy more protein) and exercising most days but much lower intensity. I’m so grateful to Dan Suedbeck and this group! I have learned so much and feel amazing! Total believer in trusting the process!

Emily W

I had Dan calculate my macros back in February 2021 and again about 4 months later. I've lost a total of 65 pounds total!

Tiffany H

You did my macros back in 2020 when I was at 315 lbs. I followed your macros very closely for around 8 months and got down to 243 lbs.

Brent B

$20.00 USD

By purchasing this plan you agree that you do not intend to use this plan to treat or cure any disease.  This plan is designed for informational purposes only.  

Also by purchasing this product you agree to be added to Macro Counting 101's email list so that we can communicate with you regarding your plan.  

Our Complete Recipe Collection contains over 800 recipes.  If you struggle to find new macro friendly meals this resource can be incredibly helpful.