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Macro Tracking Worksheet

This worksheet will be incredibly important to tracking your success.  Watch the video and click the button below to download the Google Sheet version of this worksheet.

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Need new macro numbers?

Click the link below to go to our macro recalculation page.  If it is your first time visiting that page, make sure you read through the information before resubmitting your info.

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Request Cronometer Client Access

As a part of our community you also get a free upgrade to Cronometer Gold when I add you as a client of mine.  If you don't currently use Cronometer you can download the app below.  This is my preferred app for people to use.  

If you are using a different app you are more than welcome to continue using it.  

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With our Complete Recipe Collection you will get instant access to hundreds of recipes.

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1:1 Coaching Call

Do you want to chat a little deeper to discuss your unique situation and goals? 

With this 1:1 call we can discuss anything you want in terms of nutrition, fitness, your mindset or goals.  

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Macro Foundations Course

This is my most comprehensive course to teach you all you will likely need to know in terms of tracking macros to achieve your goals.  

I'm still creating some of the content but intend to have this available shortly.

Coming Soon

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our team an email if you have a personal question or situation.  If it is a generic question I would encourage you to ask it in the feed so that all can benefit from the answer.  

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