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You can find a lot of places to get macro numbers calculated.  If you've downloaded that is one option.  Do a quick google search and you can find a number of calculators.  You'll also find a number of coaches like myself that can help.


The free options will fall into one of three buckets based on my experience.


Too Extreme

Many sites or apps will recommend drastically low calorie numbers to pad their before and after stats.  They often times set macro ratios in a very extreme manner that even the most experienced tracker would struggle to hit them.


Wrong numbers usually start with misguided judgement of activity levels.  What the site/app thinks is active you might consider sedentary or vice versa.  These leads to bad calorie goals and subsequently bad macro numbers.

Just Right

Sometimes they can get it right!  Often this is by chance more than skill of a calculator that gave person A the right numbers might totally mess up person B's.  


Fellow coaches out there will charge anywhere from $40-$150 for the same service I provide.  

I started helping people with macro numbers for free because I saw a need to help people that were coming across the calculators and apps mentioned above.  I wrote thousands of plans for people.  The only reason I started charging was because I was spending 4-5 hours a day writing up plans for people.  A number of those people I helped saw amazing results, but many were just gathering information and never did anything with those numbers.  

By charging a little bit, $20, it acted as a filter for the people that were actually going to take action.  My goal is still the same, help people get an accurate, balanced, and sustainable plan that will work for their individual needs.  



The Reason My Approach is Better and Have More Success

  • You get to describe your exercise and activity levels to me, I can than gauge how that equates to calorie burn and get the right numbers for you.   
  • You can share about your diet history and what you are currently doing and what kind of results you are or aren't getting.
  • You can share your medical history and anything else that has an impact on your weight loss efforts.
  • I also go the extra step of communicating with you to confirm information, clarify goals, or chat about your exercise routine. 
  • You can message me after the fact with questions regarding your plan.  You won't find that as an option from any other coach out there.  

Don't take my word for it though, check out just a couple of the women I've helped.

Mindi faced an uphill battle she still saw amazing results!

I've been able to help thousands of people that have come to me from all walks of life from all over the world.  

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An online calculation only took Brynn so far! 

Brynn started with an online calculator but saw amazing results when she decided to use our macro planning service.  She not only lost 21 lbs but also increased her energy levels.

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