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What If There Is No Good Food Or Bad Food?

May 12, 2023

Let me throw something at you???

What if there is no good food or bad food?

Wait but broccoli is good right??? Did broccoli win a Nobel Peace Prize? Did it rescue a puppy from a burning building? 

Well Soda is definitely bad! Did soda kick your dog? Did it rob a bank? 

Food doesn’t have a personality, it doesn’t “do” good or bad things it just is! 

The question you have to ask yourself when choosing foods is... 

“Are these foods moving me closer to my goals?” 

“Are these foods keeping me sane?” 

“Are these foods providing enjoyment? Whether that is through taste, health benefits, performance, or changing your body composition.”

Depending on how you answer these questions is going to dictate what kinds of foods you eat. One of the greatest breakthroughs that I’ve made in my own health journey is realizing that food is neither good or bad. For me foods are either BETTER or WORSE for me reaching my goals! 

Sometimes a cookie or ice cream is a good food because it keeps me in a good spot mentally and tastes delicious! Sometimes fried chicken means a dinner out with friends which equals happiness! A salad for lunch is a good food choice to help me stay lean and healthy. Broccoli might be a bad food if the only reason you are eating it is to lose weight in order to look good for someone else!

You see where all of this is going? What’s your relationship with food? Does food cause you worry and stress? Or is a source of enjoyment and happiness?


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